Our 755 Piece WeatherPack kit (yes we offer smaller kits too)

Weather Pack Kits

Our Weather Pack Connector Kits contain everything you need to get your project done right!  We’ve used other connector kits available on the market in projects around the shop; they never quite met our expectations to be honest.  So in typical DIYAutoTune style we stepped it up and made them better!

Many vendors’ Weather Pack Connector Kits tend to have a “one size fits all” mentality, meaning they give you one size terminal and seal, typically 14-16ga, and they tell you it will work for 12-18ga.  While it will work in many cases, it’s less than ideal.  Another problem we often ran into with other kits was that the vendor will supply a certain number of connectors, but not enough terminals to outfit them all.  They’ll be glad to sell you ‘refill kits’ though so you can use the rest of the connectors in your original kit! (why didn’t they just give you enough to begin with?)

One size does not fit all! You need a proper fit for your 20-18 gauge wire, 16-14 gauge wire, and 12 gauge wire.  In our kits you receive all 3 sizes of terminal pins and seals, we even throw in extras (more terminals than you need) just in case you have a crimp that needs to be repeated as we realize that happens from time to time.  So when you finish with our kit, you’re likely to have a few extra terminals left over, but you’ll utilize every connector you paid for.

It’s the best Weather Pack Connector Kit available anywhere.

If you’d like to check out our Weather Pack Connector Kit offerings, click here.

If you don’t need a lot of connectors, we offer smaller Weather Pack packages with 1-3 connectors, including 22 pin bulkhead connectors.