Weather Pack Connector Housing and Terminal Indentification

Posted on 23. Mar, 2010 by weatherpacknumber1 in Tech Articles

In this article we are going to cover the different parts that make up a complete Weather Pack connector and the proper name of each piece. We will be identifying the male terminals, female terminals, tower housings, and shroud housings.  Every terminal will have a rubber seal installed.  These seals are not gender specific, however there are different sized seals for different gauge wires.   The assembled Weather Pack, consisting of housings, terminals, rubber seals, and wires, will then be referred to as the connector.

It is helpful to use the correct terminology, especially if technical support is needed or if attempting to follow write ups or instructions.

All Pieces

Usually when a complete connector is referred to as being male or female, it is the terminals that are used to decide the gender rather than the connector housing.

Male Terminals

As can bee seen above, the male terminals that are used in the Weather Pack have a sharp pointed end.

Female Terminals

The female terminals have the open round end.

Tower Connector

Referring to the housings and not the terminals, the tower would be considered the male housing and has the rubber seal in place.

Shroud Connector

The shroud is the female housing.

Finished Connectors Finished and Connected

The Weather Pack connectors can be assembled with either the male or female terminals in either the tower or shroud housings, either terminal will snap into either housing. The standard assembly is to use a male terminal in the shroud and a female terminal in the tower, as pictured above.

How to Remove Terminals from Housings.

Posted on 21. Mar, 2010 by weatherpacknumber1 in Tech Articles

In this article we will cover how to remove a Weather Pack terminal from a housing. There is a special tool included with both the 460 and 755 piece Weather Pack kits that will allow you to do this easily.

A complete connector and terminal removal tool.
Above is a complete Weather Pack connector and the terminal removal tool.

Separated connector and terminal removal tool.
Here we see inside these housings that the terminals are reversed from that of a standard Weather Pack assembly. The male terminals should go into the shroud housing and the female terminals should go into the tower housing. Let’s see if we can correct this.

Open the back half of the housings.
Start by opening the rear section of each housing.

Insert the tool over the terminal.
Insert the terminal removal tool down over each terminal all the way until it won’t go any farther.

Remove the terminal Continue removing other terminals

With the terminal removal tool held firmly all the way into the housing, pull the terminal and wire combo out the opposite side.

Continue removing other terminals
Continue the same process for all the terminals that need to be removed.

Terminals swapped between housings and reinstalled.
After removing the terminals, I installed them all into the correct housing.

Let’s have a closer look at how this tool works.

A closer look at how the tool works.
Here we see the terminal removal tool paired up with a female Weather Pack terminal. Notice the metal tangs on the terminal. These are what lock the terminals into the housings.

A closer look at how the tool works.
They look very close in size but the tool is just slightly larger than the terminal, allowing it to slip over top.

A closer look at how the tool works.
Notice in this image above that the tool has been slid down over the metal tangs. By pressing the tangs in, the terminal is then free to be removed.