What really makes these Weather Pack kits better?

Posted on 28. Mar, 2010 by in Tech Articles

Many Weather Pack connector kits tend to have a “one size fits all” mentality, meaning they give you one size terminal and seal, typically 14-16ga, and they tell you it will work for 12-18ga.  And while it will work in many cases, it’s less than ideal, and less than ideal is NOT what you want in your vehicles wiring.  Another situation we ran into with other kits was that the vendor will give you a certain number of connectors, but not enough terminals to use them all, you’ll run out of pins and still have half of your housings left!  They’ll be glad to sell you ‘refill kits’ though so you can use the rest of the connectors in your original kit! (why didn’t they just give you enough to begin with?)

One size does not fit all! You need a proper fit for your 20-18 gauge wire, 16-14 gauge wire, and 12 gauge wire.  In our kits you receive all 3 sizes of terminal pins and seals, we even throw in extras (more terminals than you need) just in case you have a crimp that isn’t perfect and needs to be recrimped as we realize that happens from time to time.  So when you finish with our kit, you’re likely to have a few extra terminals left over, but you’ll utilize every connector you paid for.  On top of this, we offer more pieces (larger kits) at a better price that any other offerings we’ve found.

It’s the best weatherpack connector kit available anywhere.  And at killer prices.

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How do I properly crimp and assemble my Weather Pack Connectors?

Posted on 25. Mar, 2010 by in Tech Articles

Check out the attached photo gallery for a detailed look at how to properly crimp and assembly Delphi Weather Pack (aka weatherpack) connectors.  Click on the first image below to begin, and then just click the arrows (right) to continue through the gallery.  Each image has accompanying text at the bottom describing each step in detail.

If you’d like to check out our Weatherpack Connector Kit offerings, click here.

Are all WeatherPack crimping tools created equal?

Posted on 24. Mar, 2010 by in Tech Articles

No they are definitely not.  We tried and tried to find a super-cheap crimper (sub-$40) that would do the job right, with our hope being that we could offer a crimper for less than $30-40 that might be a little less convenient to use, but would crimp properly.  We purchased and tested several models, including a couple that promised ‘a perfect crimp every time’, and in at least one case the die wasn’t even shaped right to crimp Weather Pack terminals properly, though that was the sole purpose of the crimper supposedly. In the end, we decided the cheap crimper that worked properly just didn’t exist.  You can likely get by with one of these in some cases, but it WILL effect the quality of your crimps.  So instead of offering my customers a tool I would never use myself, we found an extremely high quality tool that makes it easy, and we priced it just a tiny bit above our cost.  We don’t make much on these, but you get a tool that helps you do the job right, and that’s important to us.

Here’s what you’re looking for in a good Weather Pack crimping tool:

1) Proper shape of the crimping dies.

The die that crimps the conductor should be ‘w’ or ‘m’ shaped (depending on how you’re holding the tool)

The die that crimps the seal over the wire insulator should be rounded.

2) Crimps both the conductor and the seal at same time

There are two separate crimps to make, one for the wire conductor, and another to hold the seal in place.  A good tool will complete both of these operations in one motion.

3) Has a proper Terminal Positioning Block to ensure you crimp the terminal just right

Without the Terminal Positioning Block you’ll likely wish you had a third hand to try and hold the terminal in the proper position while also holding the seal in place and operate the tool at the same time.  With this piece your crimps will be MUCH easier and you’ll have a much higher success rate.

4) Racheting mechanism to ensure proper crimp pressure

This will ensure that you’ve crimped hard enough, but not too hard, getting the crimp pressure on the terminal just right.

We’re happy to offer a tool that meets all of the above requirements, and truly gives you an honest shot at getting ‘a perfect crimp every time’.  Others promise this, but this tool can deliver it.

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